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We recommend you drink bottled water which is available from shops, supermarkets, bars and restaurants. Guests with babies or young children can safely use boiled tap water to wash bottles.


The voltage is 220 volts and two pin adapters are necessary.

Safety Deposit Boxes

Your valuables are your own responsibility, and we advise you to use safes in the properties where available.

Electrical Appliances

You are respectfully reminded of the dangers of using electrical appliances when wearing wet bathing costumes with bare feet on wet floors. Should an electrical fault develop during your stay, please report it as soon as possible. 

In Case of Fire

On arrival at the property, please familiarize yourself with the fire notice and seek out the exit routes from the property. Please also familiarize yourself with position of fire equipment on arrival at the property.

Gas Appliance Safety

When a gas hob is alight your kitchen should be ventilated. If you are not sure of adequate ventilation then please leave a window or door slightly open. When you leave your accommodation, always ensure that the cooker has been turned off and never leave the hob unattended when on.

If You Discover a Fire 

Close all windows and doors (only if this is possible and is at no personal risk)<br/>
Leave the property as quickly and quietly as possible<br/>
DO NOT stop to collect personal belongings<br/><br/>

Once outside telephone: <br/>
New Generation Emergency Number 00 90 530 880 51 23 or <br/>
156 (Jandarma) or 110 (Fire Service)<br/>
Once you have left the property please assemble at the main gate.<br/>
DO NOT re-enter the building until you have been authorized to so by the fire service.


It is a requirement of this let property that tenants accept and agree that New Generation Property Services and the property owner will not be held liable for any costs, expenses or claims for bodily injury or disease, whether fatal or non-fatal, and whether caused by accident or otherwise.