Including but not limited to



Pool Start Service

We will fully prepare your pool for the start of the season (May 1st or as specified), including:

  • Drain the pool
  • Clean and check the tiles and grouting
  • Quote for any tiles that need replacing
  • Apply anti-algae coating
  • Check the pool pump, filter, and water tank(s) and quote for any necessary repairs
  • Check pool lights and quote for any in need of repair/replacement
  • Fill the pool and tank(s) with water

  • Seasonal Pool Maintenance

    We will ensure your pool and pool terrace(s) are kept clean throughout the season
    (May 1st – October 31st or as specified) and will:

  • Vacuum clean the pool
  • Clean the pool terraces
  • Check and report any impairments of pool terrace, balustrades, pool grills, hatch covers etc
  • Check and report any malfunctions of pool pump and filter
  • Test and maintain water quality by adding chemicals at appropriate intervals
  • Check pool lights and quote for any in need of repair/replacement
  • Check regularly that the pools water tank has an adequate level of water

  • Pool Close Down Service

  • Store pool equipments, pool steps etc
  • Store poolside furnitures
  • Disconnect pool pump & store
  • Disconnect hydrofor pump & store (if applicable)


    We will ensure your garden, pathways and perimeter walls are kept tidy and maintained throughout the season including:

    (May 1st – October 31st)
  • General tidy up at the beginning of the season (N.B. This does not include landscaping or replacing items that do not survive the winter)
  • Check and report of damages to walls and paths
  • Regular watering of grass and plants
  • Cleaning/sweeping and weeding of paths
  • Check and report when light fittings need maintenance
  • Pruning and trimming of shrubs and trees
  • Fertilizer, lawn mower line and petrol are supplied
  • Routine pest control when necessary
  • (1st November to 30th April );
  • Cleaning/sweeping and weeding of paths
  • Pruning and trimming of shrubs and trees
  • Prepare, prune and weeding of flower beds
  • Pre-season insecticide, fungicide and fertilization